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Ural Plant of Deicing Materials is the largest Russian manufacturer of modern multicomponent eco-friendly deicing materials and applications. UZPM products are intended for winter and off-season maintenance of roads and sidewalks, airports and other infrastructure facilities.

Operation principle

Operating principles

Technologies of deicing material Bionord
Beginning of reaction
External layer that consists of calcium chloride, gets into instant reaction with ice – which is accompanied by heat generation. A cavern is formed in ice with saturated CaCl2 solution.
Disrption of ice crystals structure
CaCl2 destroys ice crystal structure and reaches deep into the depth of ice deposits. Our deicing granules consist of sodium chloride with agents that inhibit corrosion and biophile elements – and it works efficiently in transformation of ice into a liquid solution.
Easy removal of ice
NaCl promotes horizontal delamination of ice. Ice monolith loses its crystal structure, softens and becomes loose. This process significantly simplifies the process of cleaning the slush afterwards.


Single granule Bionord is an efficient and environmentally friendly deicing  material based on the mix of natural salts with addition of biophile elements and an anticorrosion agent.
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Mineral commodities

Mineral commodities

Минеральное сырье
The magnesium hydroxide is widely used in industry. It is applied as a fire retardant in the production of thermoplastics and polymer compositions. Magnesium hydroxide plays an important role in the manufacture of non-combustible wires and cables (automobile and halogen-free cables) and roofing sheets. Moreover, the magnesium hydroxide is used in electrical engineering and electronics to produce frames, connecting elements, cable channels, profiles, pipes, shipping containers.
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