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Ural Plant of Deicing Materials is the largest Russian manufacturer of modern multicomponent eco-friendly deicing materials and applications. UZPM products are intended for winter and off-season maintenance of roads and sidewalks, airports and other infrastructure facilities.

Operation principle

Operation principle

Technologies of deicing material «Bionord»
Beginning of reaction
External sheath that consists of calcium chloride, gets into instant reaction with ice which is accompanied by heat generation. A cavern is formed with saturated CaCl2 solution.
Destruction of crystal structure
CaCl2 destroys crystal structure and falls into the depth of ice deposits. The nucleus of granule that consists of sodium chloride with agents that inhibit corrosion impact and biophile elements is responsible for transformation of ice into solution.
Easy removal of ice
NaCl promotes horizontal delamination of ice. Ice monolith loses its crystal structure, softens and becomes loose. This simplified significantly the process of mechanized cleaning.
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Single granule Bionord is an efficient and environmentally friendly deicing solution based on the mix of natural salts with addition of biophile elements and anticorrosion agent.
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