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Products of the Ural Plant of Deicing Materials are applied for winter and inter-season maintenance of cities. The products operate efficiently on various types of road surfaces.
What gives the use of technology
Снижение числа ДТП

Reduction of the accidents number on roads in 2 times

Снижение уличного травматизма

Reduction of street injuries by 3 times

Минимальное воздействие на обувь

Almost no impact on leather and fur articles

Чистый город

Clean city and storm sewer

Granule Composition

External sheath

Ensures instant melting with heat generation and forms caverns with saturated brine.
Destruction of crystal structure occurs, due to this the single granule fail into the depth of ice deposits.

Nucleus of granule

It is responsible for volume phase conversion of ice into solution, promoting expansion of cavern with brine.
Horizontal expansion of Ice accelerates the process of winter cleaning and leads to delamination of ice from solid surface.

Единая гранула

Corrosion inhibitor

Complex of components that ensure protection to metal and concrete structures

Bioperine supplements

Protects the environment from negative impacts

Sodium chloride

Active "blade" ice cutting

Calcium chloride

Volumetric conversion of ice into solution

Ice monolith loses its crystal structure, softens and becomes loose, then it is removed easily.
Advantages of technology


The composition of each pellet includes the same number of components, so that in the distribution process provides a uniform effect on the surface.



The material is securely fixed to the treated surface due to its weight and special formula



The granules have the same size and weight, which allows for uniform dispersion of the material and melting over the entire area



Low hygroscopicity and traceability allows to store deicing materials for 20% longer, which does not affect the performance



Friction action is instantaneous after application of the material, increasing adhesion to the road. The active ingredients take effect within 10 minutes of distribution

Principle of operation
Начало реакции
Beginning of reaction
External layer that consists of calcium chloride, gets into instant reaction with ice – which is accompanied by heat generation. A cavern is formed in ice with saturated CaCl2 solution.
Разрушение кристаллической структуры
Disrption of ice crystals structure
CaCl2 destroys ice crystal structure and reaches deep into the depth of ice deposits. Our deicing granules consist of sodium chloride with agents that inhibit corrosion and biophile elements – and it works efficiently in transformation of ice into a liquid solution.
Легкое удаление льда
Easy removal of ice
NaCl promotes horizontal delamination of ice. Ice monolith loses its crystal structure, softens and becomes loose. This process significantly simplifies the process of cleaning the slush afterwards.
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