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The product is intended to eliminate slippery on car roads and streets in liquid form.


Bionord-concentrate is a product containing solid granules of irregular shape which in water solution transform into effective product to battle icing. Solution is produced in mixing units designated for this purpose. In them the product is mixed with clean water by bubbling or due to impact from the blades of the mixer. When liquid Bionord is applied as independent composition to eliminate icing the mass concentration of salts which dissolve in water can reach maximum 26%.
The concentrate allows to reach deicing effect at temperatures up to –12°C. Does not destruct slab, stone and asphalt concrete surfaces. Cost efficient in consumption.


Dissolves in water
Allowing to receive liquid product for deicing treatment of surfaces
Corrosion activity of the received product
To metal is several times lower than that of its equivalents
Preserves the declared properties
At temperature up to -12°C
Has no negative impact
On the structure of surfaces from asphalt concrete, slab, stone (artificial or natural)


What is the purpose of deicing materials?
Deicing materials are an inseparable part of daily life. In Russia, snowpack stays on for half a year; therefore, deicing materials are used to guarantee safety and comfort of winter traffic.
What is the effective time of reagents after spraying/spreading?
Interaction of deicing material elements with snow starts instantly, but depending on the type of reagent and ice-and-snow pack, the time of “operation” will vary from 10 to 40 minutes.
Where can deicing materials be used?
Deicing materials can be used everywhere, from your yard to airports. However, the main territory of their application is the city streets – vehicle traffic and pedestrian areas.
Where can I buy Bionord Concentrate?
Bionord Concentrate can be purchased from the official trade house of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials, and from our distributors from across Russia.


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