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Environmental care is one of the priorities of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials. Our mission is to develop and create such products to battle winter slippery which can be most efficient and at the same time gentle with respect to nature.
That is why formulations of our deicing materials undergo expertise in the specialized state scientific-research institutes and each lot of goods is checked by accredited laboratory for compliance with declared quality.
Basis of our deicing materials are mixes of natural substances in various ratios.
Safety is confirmed by the State Environmental Expertise.
Formulations are selected in accordance with climatic and geographical conditions of the regions of application, monitoring results of the environmental conditions of the area, density of car traffic. After studying these data the optimal deicing material is selected that possesses minimal impact upon environment. In case if the percentage content of components varies within boundaries indicated in the industry standard, technical and environmental properties of represented deicing materials definitely comply with declared parameters.
Salts that are part of Bionord composition are not subject to evaporation. It means they have no inhalation impact upon the body. Moreover, conversion from sand to soluble deicing materials allow decreasing the quantity of solid suspended particles in the air that has positive effect on the quality of ambient air and human health.
Deicing materials are not fertilizers and it is recommended to avoid getting of snow with deicing materials or those materials proper onto roadside grass plots during usage!
However, the products of the plant were developed with consideration of possible deicers penetration into soils, for instance, in case if the technology of their application is violated. That is why our materials have multicomponent composition with biophile agents which balance physical-chemical properties of soil and decompose into carbon dioxide and water within several days.
We add marble aggregate (calcium carbonate) into composition as friction material that enhances air exchange for near-root system.