Catalog — UPDM
For 10 years specialists of the plant in cooperation with the leading institutes of companies manufacturing the vehicles, medical, veterinary and agricultural products, leather and footwear have been studying and developing deicing products, increasing their efficiency, minimizing impact of components included into them onto the environment and articles made of leather and fur.
Reagents production is the main specialty of UZPM. The enterprise is the only one in Russia with activity aimed exclusively at development and subsequent production of products for winter maintenance of cities.
Deicing products «Bionord» have outstanding operation properties. They possess numerous advantages: cost-effective consumption (40-70 g of material is enough for 1 m2 of treated surface), efficient melting of ice, dissolves completely. Impact of these materials upon metal structures, concrete, cement, leather and fur articles is 2-3 times less than in case of using thaw salt.