UZPM replaces imported components with domestic analogues, 26 may 2022 — UDPM

UZPM replaces imported components with domestic analogues

UZPM replaces imported components with domestic analogues
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Under the economic sanctions imposed against Russia, Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM LLC, member of WTG business community) has replaced most of the imported components with Russian analogues.

Governor of Perm Krai Dmitry Makhonin noted earlier that in the current context, one of the key challenges for business is to restructure the work in such a way that production continues to function steadily.

Dmitry Pylev, CEO of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials, said that in order to reduce dependence on imports of vital components, the company has made certain efforts resulting in replacement of imported components of the finished product - deicing materials. "At present, UZPM production site in Krasnokamsk is nearing zero dependence on imported components," explained the head of the enterprise.

For instance, the company promptly developed a corrosion inhibitor for reagents that is superior to the previously used component. It helped almost halve the corrosive activity of deicing materials. "Apart from the current international situation, these efforts were addressing adoption of the new GOST for the products intended for use in cities, which significantly tightened the requirements for modern reagents," commented the press service of the company.

In production of the road shampoo for spring cleaning of the road network, the company completely switched to surfactants produced in Russia, replacing the previously used components imported from Japan and Italy.

According to CEO, the company feels confident in the industry market: "UZPM products are effective and extensively used to combat winter slipperiness in the countries of the Customs Union and in 60 cities of Russia. We are introducing new capacities to produce and process certain components, and focus on the domestic consumer, working to reduce production costs, solve inflationary issues with municipal and regional customers, and expand our line of more cost-effective products. We will be ready to announce new opportunities and development areas of the plant just before autumn," said Dmitry Pylev.