Winter Technologies Group (WTG) will provide transport safety on the ground and in the sky., 20 september 2021 — UDPM
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Winter Technologies Group (WTG) will provide transport safety on the ground and in the sky.

Ural Plant of Deicing Material, a member of WTG business community, is finishing implementation of two big investment projects. The enterprise plans to launch two high-tech production facilities by the end of the year and significantly expand the range of products for winter maintenance.

Governor of Perm Region Dmitry Makhonin visited the enterprise. The head of Prikamye examined the production facilities and visited the construction site of the new workshop. “The pandemic has become a serious challenge for enterprises in the region. At the same time, big investment projects in Prikamye were not curtailed. This proves not only the high professionalism of the owners and heads of the companies, but also their responsibility. The industry continues to develop, to increase capacity, to create new jobs, making a great contribution to the stabilization of the socio-economic situation both in the entire region and in the territories in which it is present, ” the governor emphasized.

UZPM is a leader in the production of environmentally friendly and effective deicing materials. Most of the enterprise’s products are agents, of which there are about 20 kinds. They are in demand and are widely used in the road industry in Russia and abroad. The enterprise also produces a range of various retail products, marked Bionord and presented in the largest chain stores in the country.

According to Dmitry Pylev, General Director of UZPM, the restrictions introduced in 2020 in the world due to the spread of coronavirus have created additional difficulties for the company. Imported equipment had been purchased for the production, and employees of foreign companies had participated in the construction and installation work which could not come to the site due to epidemiological restrictions. Nevertheless, both projects are being implemented on schedule: the plant plans to launch new production by 2022.

Both investment projects of UZPM are related to the development of “deicing” range of products and materials for it. The first one, Glatt, envisages the creation of a new, fully automated line for the production of highly efficient chloride-free deicing materials for the needs of airports. The products comply with the requirements of industry-specific Russian and international legislation. At present it is already certified, the installation and             commissioning of Glatt set is now in process in the industrial site. According to the representatives of the enterprise, it is planned to start serial production of products in the 4th quarter of this year. Industrialists will create 30 new jobs.

Within the framework of the second investment project - Ebner - a fully automated line for the production of high-quality raw materials used for the production of deicing materials and the needs of the oil industry will be put into operation.

Production of modern deicing materials is a strategically important task for our country. The Glatt and Ebner projects are a systematic development of the winter maintenance industry, a new round in the evolution of deicing materials that ensure the safety of people not only on roads and sidewalks, but also guarantee the possibility of flying on airplanes in winter. I would like to note that our deicing agents are of the highest quality and undergo many examinations and tests during development and before use, - says Rustam Gilfanov, Chairman of the WTG Innovation and Strategic Development Council.

As Dmitry Pylev, General Director of UZPM, commented, both projects are implemented with the support of the federal and regional Industry Development Funds. A total of almost 380 million rubles were invested in Glatt, 70 of which were obtained in the form of a concessional loan from the federal fund, 30 - from the regional one. For Ebner with a total investment of almost 1.1 billion rubles almost 400 million were obtained from the federal fund. “Funds on beneficial terms and for a period of 5 years we obtained with the support of the regional government and Perm Region Industry Development Fund. We used this money to purchase main equipment that meets the requirements of the best available technologies, ” said Dmitry Pylev.

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Ural Plant of Deicing Material is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly deicing materials, one of the largest enterprises in Russia specialized in the production of innovative deicing materials which allow to reduce number of accidents and injuries. The enterprise's products have repeatedly become the winner of the competition "100 best goods of Russia" and are now used in more than 60 cities of Russia and Post-Soviet states. In 2014, the International Olympic Committee, having studied the composition of Bionord, awarded the plant the title of the official supplier of deicing materials for the Olympic Games in Sochi.