UZPM makes deicing materials more environmentally friendly , 18 may 2022 — UDPM

UZPM makes deicing materials more environmentally friendly

UZPM makes deicing materials more environmentally friendly
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Ural Plant of Deicing Materials is improving its environmental performance by installing additional filters for scrubbing gas-dust mixtures at its production site in Krasnokamsk.

State-of-the-art dust collecting equipment was installed at the crushing and screening plant (CSP), where raw materials are prepared for production of deicers. The filters are installed as part of the drying drum system. The sophisticated process generally consists in the dusty air passing through the filtering material, getting scrubbed and discharged into the atmosphere, while the retained dust is commanded by the controlled to be automatically transferred into a special hopper from which it is returned back into production.

The filters have a throughput of over 13,000 m³ per hour, and the concentration of dust in the scrubbed air is negligible, not exceeding 0.05 g/m³.  

The filtering system is an important part of the company's environmental improvement program and helps minimise dust emissions into the atmosphere, with a scrubbing efficiency within 93 to 98%, thus improving the overall environmental situation.

At UZPM, the industrial environmental control and standardisation service monitors the condition of atmospheric air. Its specialists organise atmospheric air monitoring at the boundary of the site's sanitary protection zone in accordance with the industrial environmental control program. Measurements are taken by an accredited laboratory at control points. Over 8 years, none of the metrics has exceeded MPC (maximum permissible concentration) in the air of the populated areas.

"We are introducing new capacities to extract and process individual components for deicing materials, and we are working to reduce production costs," comments Dmitry Pylev, CEO of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials LLC. "At the same time, every investment project implemented at the site contributes to minimizing the environmental impact by design. The plant is a responsible user of natural resources, so we put improvement of environmental performance at the basis of UZPM's comprehensive development programme."