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Ural Plant of Deicing Materials building an energy bridge

Ural Plant of Deicing Materials building an energy bridge
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Ural Plant of Deicing Materials Limited Liability Company (UZPM LLC is a part of the business community WTG) completes the implementation of the project of provision of the new facilities with energy resources on the industrial site in Krasnokamsk. The partner of the project is the Perm branch of T Plus company, the largest private Russian company in the field of electric power and heat supply. The volume of investments of UZPM into the project was more than 100 mln rubles.

The project “External steam pipe with condensate return pipeline and electrical network” was developed by the certified organization during six months. Nowadays the expert report on industrial safety has already been obtained. 

The energy bridge includes the isolated power line, channels of steam supply and condensate return, i.e. prepared distilled water for the further use in the systems of TPP. The facility is equipped with the modern automatic controls that block the power and steam supply in the emergency situations: pressure drops, loss of tightness, insulation fault on electrical part. 

Putting of the transportation line into operation provides the uninterrupted supply of up to 35 ton/hour of the main heat resource - pure steam and electric power in the volume up to 10 megawatt to the production facilities of UZPM. Zakamskaya TPP-5 will be used as a source of power supply. The further maintenance of the facility will be performed by the specialists of T Plus PAO (Public Joint-Stock Company). 

The start of taking the power resources is planned in July 2022 when the commissioning works of the new production within the largest investment project of the whole history of UZPM “E-EBNER” will be completed.

 Aleksey Kerov, Technical Director of CEO of UZPM LLC:

 - In our work we are guided by the detailed design documentation and the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation providing the order of construction and reconstruction of the linear facilities that include the steam pipeline. The detailed design documentation corresponds to the standard documentation of the Russian Federation and it is agreed with the Administration of the urban district of Krasnokamsk. Now we are at the final stage of the large project related to the billions of investments, launch of new production and creation of new working places. The successful implementation of the project will allow us making plans for the further development of the industrial site and scaling of production.