UZPM ecologists summarize results of environmental efforts, 06 june 2022 — UDPM

UZPM ecologists summarize results of environmental efforts

UZPM ecologists summarize results of environmental efforts
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Ecologists of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM LLC, part of WTG business community) celebrate a professional holiday and summarize year-end results of the company's environmental efforts.

Environmental matters are put in charge of the production environmental control and standardization service. Specialists of the service are working in several areas, including monitoring of atmospheric air at the boundary of the sanitary protection zone of the industrial site. Measurements in control points are made by an accredited laboratory. During the year, more than 360 samples were taken, and 14 noise level measurements were made in different times of the day and seasons. The values never exceeded acceptable levels.

Besides, the specialists take regular measurements at dust and gas treatment plants of the industrial site. During the last 8 years, efficiency of air cleaning from dust reached 93 to 98% due to the introduction of a filtration system, thereby improving overall environmental situation.

The project for modernization of a water disposal system should become a significant contribution to the environmental protection. The project will include construction of a rainwater drainage system and collection of all rainwater from the plant's territory into a storage reservoir. The project started to be implemented in 2022.

An important constituent of the regions' environmental agenda is mindful disposal and recycling of plastic. Every year the plant concludes a contract with organizations licensed to recycle polyethylene and polypropylene. This way, UZPM sent 360 tons of used polyethylene packaging for recycling into secondary raw materials.

One of the priority areas for UZPM is further environmental training of employees and top managers and raising awareness among the population. Last year the company team invited visitors to the industrial site where Krasnokamsk residents were introduced to the basics of production and environmental control system. In May 2022, environmental safety training was held for employees.

"Environmental protection is one of the priority areas for the plant," says Ivan Demin, deputy head of the production environmental control and standardization service. "All subdivisions of the plant are implementing a time-bound action plan aimed at maintaining the environmental safety at the production site and the city as a whole. Being guided by the principles of information transparency, we are determined to continue raising public awareness in all aspects of environmental impact, share knowledge of our production processes and technologies, participate in environmental activities and promote environmental education."