“Bionord Antidust” presented at CleanExpo in Novosibirsk, 20 april 2022 — UDPM

“Bionord Antidust” presented at CleanExpo in Novosibirsk

“Bionord Antidust” presented at CleanExpo in Novosibirsk
“Bionord Antidust” presented at CleanExpo in Novosibirsk, image 2
“Bionord Antidust” presented at CleanExpo in Novosibirsk, image 3
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The representatives of LLC Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (LLC “UZPM”, a member of the business community WTG) are taking part in the International exhibition of equipment and agents for professional cleaning, sanitary, hygiene, chemical cleaning and laundry CleanExpo Novosibirsk.

During three days the participants learn the trends of the industry and meet leaders of the market, visit the interactive presentations and test-drives of the products, find new solutions for optimization of their own expenditures, choosing the more functional and high performance equipment as well as cost-efficient and qualitative means of purity maintenance in the industrial facilities, health institutions, business centers according to the sanitary and technological norms and requirements.

At the forum Ural Plant of Deicing Materials represents the optimal solution of the dustiness problem of the urbanized territories – “Bionord Antidust” and “Bionord Shampoo”. As the specialists of UZPM mention almost all production processes are related to the dust emission: production of cement, processing of metal or wood, fuel handling, transportation of metal and non-metallic, bulk materials, construction, etc. The level of atmospheric pollution is considered to be high in every tenth city of the Russian Federation. More than 50 mln people face the problem of air dustiness every day. It is due to the dust in the spring and summer season when it is so difficult to breath in the cities especially for highly allergic individuals: microparticles of rubber, asphalt and sand are easily go up in the air with the first wind. Moreover mold fungi are actively reproduced in the road sweeping during winter the microscopic spores of which are the strongest allergen. The operative spring cleaning using the newest developments of dust suppression can minimize the impact on human health and prevent the appearance of so-called “allergy to the melting snow”.

According to the representatives of UZPM earlier only the foreign products were used in the market of shampoos for road cleaning, and in this context “Bionord” is not only the first mover but it also works in the most important direction of import phaseout.

The efficiency of “Bionord Antidust” is stipulated by the characteristic of the composition to relate the small dust particles into the larger ones preventing their going up into the air under the impact of the wind and air flows from vehicles. The dust suppression material is designed for the roads with various types of surface including the asphalt, as it does not create the effect of the slippery road and provides the dust suppression effect for more than 10 days, maintains the properties in rainy days and does not freeze on roads even at -10С. 

- Urgency of the environment in the problematic agenda of the Russians grows in the same progression as the demand of the society to the authorities for the solution of the environmental problems therefore the minimization of the negative impact on the environment and introduction of the innovative technologies for improvement of the ecological situation is not just a worldwide trend but also the recommendations to the actions, - mentions Evgeny Nemirovsky, adviser of Chief Development Director, expert of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials. – Market appearance of the antidust agent that corresponds to all requirements of GOST allows solving partially the problem of atmospheric air pollution that is currently urgent for the large cities and the qualitative characteristics of the product help exclude the additional costs for the spring cleaning increasing its efficiency by times.

The dust suppression agent “Bionord Antidust” is also recommended for construction and repair works, transportation of bulky and dusty cargoes. The development was tested successfully last summer by the mining enterprises and also on the roads of Kazan and Novorossiysk. Since last autumn “Bionord Antidust” has been applied in the cities of the North Caucasus and Novosibirsk.