Igor Levitin was presented with UZPM developments for combating winter slipperiness, 11 october 2017 — UDPM
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Igor Levitin was presented with UZPM developments for combating winter slipperiness

Moscow, October 11, 2017. Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM) takes part in the annual exhibition; Road Expo 2017; at the Crocus Expo site (Moscow).
Igor Levitin was presented with UZPM developments for combating winter slipperiness
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The event began on October 10 after the welcoming speech of the RF presidential aide Igor Levitin, as well as the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov and the Head of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) Roman Starovoit, who congratulated the gathered industry experts with Road Builder's Day and then went to see the most interesting exhibits.

Igor Levitin was presented with UPDM developments for combating winter slipperiness

The attention of high-ranking guests was attracted by the developments of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials, whose specialists brought to Moscow an improved line of materials to combat winter slipperiness. On the eve of the season, the participants of the walk through became interested in the products of Perm manufacturers, and Igor Levitin asked the commercial director of UZPM LLC, Evgeniy Nemirovskiy, to talk about the developments.

To date, our plant produces about 600 thousand tons of finished products, which are supplied to more than 50 regions of Russia: from Sochi to Magadan. We are focused on innovative production and take into account the climatic characteristics of the regions, data on soil conditions, other parameters. Evgeniy Nemirovskiy informed the guests of the event and journalists that the developments are being performed jointly with research centers.

He also spoke about the qualities of the products that UZPM produces under "Bionord" brand name. In particular, the new generation of products called "Bionord. Uniform granule". Its advantage is in a more even distribution on the roadway platform, less losses on roads, better melting ability, compared with samples of previous years. This new sample was tested for almost a year. Based on the results of the experiments, it was found that the material penetrates into the ice and starts to work faster and starts to work, and also has less impact on the environment.

Yevgeny Nemirovsky also noted the reduction in pedestrian injury rate, the number of accidents due to glaze ice and decrease in soil salinity when using "Bionord".
The exhibition will run until October 13. At this time, the specialists of UZPM are planning to answer the questions of the guests of the event, to acquaint them with their developments, and also made presentations at the round table "New technologies of winter maintenance of motor-roads".

This year, the exhibition "Road Expo" is held for the eighth time. It presents more than 200 companies from 11 countries, as well as manufacturers from 34 Russian regions. Participants demonstrate current technology, materials used in the industry, as well as achievements in scientific developments. Within the framework of the forum there will be an extended meeting of the Rosavtodor Public Council on the results of the implementation of the project of the Ministry of Transport of Russia "Safe and good quality roads".