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Discussion of Bionord's Prospects over a Cup of Coffee

A meeting of BIONORD 3x3 basketball team with the management took place in the office of the Ural Plant of Deicing Materials. During a friendly conversation, they discussed the results of Perm team performance as a part of the regional team in three tournaments in August 2022, which brought the guys three sets of awards: bronze at the Ural Cup in Yekaterinburg, gold in the Ural-Volga League in Kazan and sensational silver at the Russian Spartakiad among the strongest athletes held in Moscow. As General Director of UZPM, Dmitriy Pylev, noted, Perm victories in such prestigious competitions will cause another surge of interest in basketball in our region. According to the Chairman of the Board of the Basketball Federation of Perm Krai and President of PARMA-PARI Basketball Club, Sergey Boguslavsky, by the decision of the Russian Basketball Federation, our guys will be awarded the title of Candidate Master of Sports based on the Spartakiad results. Yuriy Pashkov, Head Coach of Krai team, thanked the Ural Plant of Deicing Materials for the long-term support of 3x3 basketball in the region and handed over the Winners’ Cup of the Ural-Volga League to Dmitry Pylev. In response, the management of the plant presented the team with a certificate for preparation for the new season.

Dmitriy Pylev, General Director of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials:

- Support for basketball in Perm Krai is an important social project of our company. Seeing how the guys from PARMA and BIONORD play will motivate the boys from the street to take the ball and start playing sports. We are impressed by the result shown by the 3x3 basketball team of Perm Krai at the Spartakiad. This success was a pleasant surprise, but it is backed with a hard work of our guys. The Russian Cup is coming, and we wish BIONORD team new victories.

Sergey Boguslavsky, Chairman of the Board of the Basketball Federation of Perm Krai and President of PARMA-PARI Basketball Club:

- The 3x3 Basketball project in Perm is already implemented for three years. Thanks to support of the Ural Plant of Deicing Materials, we have the opportunity to consistently compete in the Russian championship. In the new season, BIONORD team will face a serious challenge: if earlier our guys were perceived as "strong average players", then after the success at the Spartakiad they will be a principal rival for the giants of 3x3 basketball. We believe in our team and expect a higher level of its performance. The Russian Championship is held according to the tournament system, and we hope that one of the 3x3 tandems will be held in Perm, which is one of the base cities of this sport.

Pavel Kazakevich, BIONORD team player:

- We are overwhelmed with emotions. For the first time, our team showed a result that exceeded all the expectations, first of all, our own ones. Medals in prestigious tournaments and success at the Spartakiad is a great pride for the entire Perm Krai. These are unforgettable events in the career of every athlete.