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Repair Campaign Started at UZPM

Repair Campaign Started at UZPM
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A repair campaign has started at the Krasnokamsk site of the Ural Plant of Deicing Materials Plant. Maintenance, replacement and repair of technological equipment will be carried out in all major divisions of the enterprise. The longest 60-days turnaround maintenance will take place in the compacted product workshop due to the large number of equipment.

Repair work in shop No. 1 involves the repair and restoration of the main equipment, including the replacement of units and assemblies with the highest degree of wear. The equipment to be replaced will include electric motors of installations, gearboxes, screw conveyors, and so on. These works are performed by the chief mechanic service. The chief power engineer's service is responsible for increasing the efficiency of power equipment: modernization of control cabinets of the Chinese compaction line, replacement of frequency converters, revision of control cabinets of Hosakawa, a German line of machinery. The production services and the internal logistics department services also take part in routine maintenance. Their responsibilities include the continuous provision of transport and staff, and the movement of large equipment. Chief Engineer Roman Belozerov will control the organization and implementation of turnaround maintenance work:

- Turnaround maintenance work at the enterprise will be carried out as soon as possible. For this purpose, certain operations that did not require the production shutdown, were completed in advance. The repair campaign is designed to increase the efficiency of production processes at the enterprise, minimize unscheduled downtime, improve the environment inside the production facilities and reduce the man-made impact on the environment.