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Bionord conquering the central part of Perm

Bionord conquering the central part of Perm
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Beginning with the next year, the responsibility for the street and road network maintenance is going to be transferred from the city level to the level of the region. A separate department —Automobile Roads and Transport Department — is going to be established at the regional ministry. To ensure the Department operation, over 2 billion rubles is going to be allocated from the regional budget. There are plans to lease 124 units of road machinery for five years in order to use them in the road maintenance. They are to include 22 municipal road vehicles, 14 mini loaders, nine multi-purpose sweepers, seven vacuum sweepers and excavators.

The approach to the maintenance of central roads in winter is going to change. Before, Bionord multi-component agent was used on just 40% of streets; next season, the use of Bionord is going to be extended to the entire central part of Perm. 

During his interview to, Aleksey Demkin, the Mayor of Perm, said, “We used to treat about 40% of streets in the city centre with Bionord agent; now the regional government is planning to use only this deicing agent. I think that this is an advanced deicing material which allows us to prevent dirt on the streets of our city; at the same time, the deicing agent is sufficiently efficient and applicable even at a temperature of –30°C.” 

The established Automobile Roads and Transport Department will ensure deicing in Leninsky district, as well as on Komsomolsky Prospekt in Sverdlovsky district, and on Lenina Street in Dzerzhinsky district. The municipal government will supervise the activities of the organization. 

“We have respective powers and departments daily monitoring the condition of streets. In team with deputies of the City Duma we can provide proper supervision over street cleaning”, the Mayor underlined.