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Yaroslavl Will Buy New Equipment for Bionord

Yaroslavl Will Buy New Equipment for Bionord
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In Yaroslavl, road services actively prepare for the winter season. This year, as the previous one, they will use the sand-salt mixture and two-phase Bionord. To ensure efficient work, they plan to use new combined road machines. The city authorities took into account the experience of previous years and updated the fleet of snow removal equipment, since modern deicing materials require to follow their application technology, in particular, observe the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. 39 new combined road vehicles will work in the city and will provide an important assistance to road services. Director of Municipal Budgetary Institution “Gorzelenkhozstroy”, Vitaliy Zapevalov said that in the coming winter, the city will be cleaned with a total of 117 units of road equipment.

 “This equipment includes modern combined road machines that can work with three types of reagents: liquid reagent, sand-salt mixture and Bionord two-phase reagent. The enterprise has tractor brushes, paw and front loaders, and graders. We have carried out the technical preparation of all attachments, including dumps, brushes, and replaceable gritter blocks, which are installed depending on the temperature outside. We will work with either a solid reagent or a liquid reagent,” said Vitaly Zapevalov.

At the moment, 800 tons of Bionord and 19 thousand tons of sand-salt mixture have already been acquired in Yaroslavl. The enterprise is actually collecting documentation for the tender for purchasing 15 thousand cubic meters of liquid reagent. The near-term plans of “Gorzelenkhozstroy” are developing routes for the movement of new equipment, presenting to the public a facility for storing deicing materials and snow storage sites, and launching all systems, including the Mayor’s Monitoring.