Gost-conforming reagents showcased at innoprom-2022, 06 july 2022 — UDPM

Gost-conforming reagents showcased at innoprom-2022

Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM LLC) presented multi-component winter slipperiness control materials at INNOPROM-2022 international exhibition. One of the central industrial and export platforms of Russia is deployed in Yekaterinburg for the twelfth time. The exhibition is attended by 500 companies, including manufacturers from partner countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus. 

At the joint Perm Krai stand, the Plant demonstrates the latest developments in Bionord deicing materials brand: Bionord Universal and Bionord Pavements, which comply with the newly adopted GOST 58427-2020.

The new standards introduce more stringent requirements to the materials' impact on allergenicity, dust generation, etc. The requirement for corrosive properties, i.e. the impact on the metal elements of the urban environment, has become twice stricter. Now it should not exceed the influence of e.g. melting snow or tap water. Another requirement is mandatory incoming quality control by the customer. Since the new GOST also seeks to reduce dust pollution in cities, there are tougher restrictions for the size of pellets used to treat the roads in winter. 

The materials showcased by UZPM fully comply with the new standards. Multi-component anti-slip materials are quick-acting and melt times more snow and ice mass than single-component salt (halite) and traditional sand and salt mixtures. They are also consumed in times smaller quantity, helping save budget and reducing the workload of contractors. Bionord can be used at temperatures as low as minus 30; it has passed state environmental expertise and a comprehensive environmental impact assessment. 

To reduce dependence on imports of key components of deicing materials, the company has worked hard to replace externally produced raw materials. So, for instance, the company scientists have worked within a tight schedule to improve the corrosion inhibitor for agents, thereby reducing the corrosive activity of deicing materials by almost twice to comply with the new GOST. 

"Safety, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness are the main trend in winter road maintenance adhered to by the road services of Russian cities. Bionord multi-component composition is there to help: it surpasses imported analogues in efficiency and quality," comments Dmitry Pylev, General Director of Ural Plant of Deicing Materials. "Today UZPM's products are widely used for winter slipperiness control in the countries of the Customs Union and 60 cities in Russia. We are commissioning new capacities that will allow us to produce and process individual components for reagents; we are switching to domestic raw materials, and working to expand our line of more cost-effective products."