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Manage Cleaning in Perm Together with Bionord

Manage Cleaning in Perm Together with Bionord
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As last year, “Managing Together” — a service to control the quality of the street and road network maintenance — started operating again in Perm.

If people find that cleaning of any part of the city is not satisfactory, they may contact the administration of their district or send a complaint to “Managing Together”. As noted by the administrative and technical inspection of Perm, over 180 facilities of Perm are monitored and all messages are quickly sent to subcontractors, so that they can take corrective actions.

The most frequent incompliance is the absence of mechanical cleaning of pavements at the beginning of active movement of pedestrians.

Today, about 40% of streets of the central part of Perm are treated with Bionord multi-component agent. Road services have approximately 150 tonnes of the material. In the forthcoming season, the agent of UZPM manufacture is going to be used in the entire central part of Perm. The city management notices the efficiency of the agent at very low temperatures and its environment-friendliness.

“I think that this is an advanced deicing material which allows us to prevent dirt on the streets of our city; at the same time, the deicing agent is sufficiently efficient and applicable even at low temperatures down to –30°C,” Aleksey Demkin, the Mayor of Perm, mentioned in one of his interviews.