Rostov-on-Don Prepares for Winter with Bionord, 09 september 2022 — UDPM
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Rostov-on-Don Prepares for Winter with Bionord

Rostov-on-Don Prepares for Winter with Bionord
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Rostov-on-Don started preparing for the winter season back in April. The preparation covers both house heating and road maintenance in winter. The city administration has signed a three-year contract for the sanitary maintenance of road network for 2023-2025. 

“This guarantees a trouble-free operation between winter cycles. The contractor is already preparing the equipment. Its fleet includes 218 machines,” said Administration Head Alexei Logvinenko during the plenary session. 

In addition, the contractor purchases all the necessary equipment and reagents, including Bionord multi-component material and sand paste, which will be used to treat roads. According to the contract, three thousand tons of reagents should be delivered to Rostov-on-Don. In 2023, 857 million rubles will be allocated for the maintenance of roads. This is 25% more than in the current year. 

Until November 1, the Department of Housing and Communal Services will hold a readiness inspection for special equipment and reagent warehouses. By this time, the city administration will prepare and agree the sites for snow removal with the Committee for Environmental Protection.