UZPM demonstrated environmental friendliness at the international exhibition , 29 april 2022 — UDPM

UZPM demonstrated environmental friendliness at the international exhibition

UZPM demonstrated environmental friendliness at the international exhibition
UZPM demonstrated environmental friendliness at the international exhibition , image 2
UZPM demonstrated environmental friendliness at the international exhibition , image 3
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The representatives of the LLC “Ural Plant of Deicing Materials” (LLC “UZPM”, a member of the business community WTG) took part in the largest industrial convention and exhibition event of the housing and utility sphere “Housing and utilities sector of Russia” that was held during three days in “Expoforum”, Saint-Petersburg.

Every year the international exhibition gathers leading experts for all-round and independent discussion of the perspective trends of industry development, demonstration of the achievements of performance of housing and utilities sector and innovative developments, exchange of progressive ideas.

Ural Plant of Deicing Materials represented at the exhibition the environmentally friendly solutions for treatment of the territory of gated communities in the winter period – deicing agent “Bionord Green” as well as the interseasonal new products – “Bionord Shampoo” and dust suppression product “Bionord Antidust”. The first product allows neutralizing the winter slipperiness, it does not make any harm to the environment and is non-hazardous for a human and animals due to the introducing of a biophile additive into it. The performance of the interseasonal new products allows eliminate the problem of the spring cleaning of the road networks and achieve the better effect in decreasing the dustiness of the city during the spring and summer season.

Efficiency of “Bionord Antidust” is stipulated by the characteristic of the composition to relate the small particles of dust into the larger ones without allowing them to go up into the air under the impact of wind and air flows from the vehicles. The effect is maintained for 10 days and is not washed off by the rain.

The exhibit of “UZPM” attracted attention of the specialists of “RusHydro”, SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg”, Centre of state and municipal services “My documents”, property management companies and homeowners associations and had many positive reviews. This time the organizers decided to deviate from the traditional blue-white-light blue colors and made an exhibit booth in the natural colors: wood, green, live flowers emphasizing by this the environmental friendly character of the manufactured materials. Thus, for example, the enterprise has an expert conclusion of the correspondence of the products to the United sanitary and epidemiological requirements, material safety data sheet, certificates of conformity of voluntary certification system.

 - Recent years the manufacturers of deicing materials often face the ecological demands of the society: the interest to the composition of the product, the environmental compatibility of its production and storage, the result of its use, - comments Evgeny Nemirovsky, adviser of Chief Development Director, expert of LLC UZPM. – The worldwide trend for ecology, requirement strengthening to the modern deicing materials, renovated GOST to the winter road maintenance do not only orient the manufacturers to the green positioning but also insist on confirmation of the conformity of the products to the high level of ecological safety. The specialists of the service of industrial ecological control and standardization of UZPM follow attentively the new requirements specified to the environmental safety and quality of the products, when fulfilling the conditions of the certification system and obtain the required permission documentation.